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Hello Again.

I haven't posted on here in awhile cause I've been so wrapped up in the other clubs and such. I can't believe how much my club has grown as well as the other clubs I've been working with. Its pretty amazing. Its so hard, however, when you're pulled in 10 zillion directions. Anyway, I will try and get on here to post more often. :) It seems like U-Pick just gets goofier and crazier all the time. Tomorrow is the Garbagio VS Cookies and Milk match which should be interesting :) What a pansy Garbagio is for wimping out the first time ;) Eh, it'll be cool. :) Seems like I've been getting some pretty cool people involved in the clubs, which is awesome. I appreciate any feedback or comments or anything you guys have. I know that I haven't been over here or lot, but like I said, I'll try and post some things.

What have you guys thought of U-Pick this week and how'd you get into Brent, out of curiosity? Pick Boy and Antonio also kick major butt. :) Seems like they are having bigger roles in the show which is awesome, getting everyone together :) More later on, hopefully tomorrow.
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