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upickfanforum's Journal

U-Pick 'Em And We Post 'Em
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"Before the Spongebob Shoutout, I was unable to pick with consistency. Now that I have started watching, my picking has never been better..."
-Pick Boy

Welcome fans of Nickelodeon's U-Pick Live. This is a online Live Journal community especially devoted to the show. So strap in and begin posting about U-Pick. We know you want to, just like we know you want to watch Daily Challenges and get picked on the Prize Wall for the Bucket of Bucks. :) All fans of Brent, Candace, and Pick Boy are appreciated! Please also check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/brentaholicsanonymous for our Brent fansite and an official Brent site is coming soon, so please check it out! :)